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Vinyl Wrapping (or Vehicle Wrapping or Car Wrapping) is the process of changing the colour and appearance of your car by the application of sheets of coloured vinyl film to each individual panel of your car.

We use only the best quality vinyls from proven manufacturers:

  • All vinyls are manufactured in Europe and are to the highest standard.
  • All wrapping technicians are 3M and Avery approved fitters and have constant updates and training regarding new products.
  • We have wrapped many Bentleys in the past and other high end cars for celebrities.

How vinyl wrapping is done ...

The coloured film is applied with a great degree of care and skill and is carried out by expert and highly experienced operatives. The film moulds itself to the shape of the car panel to which it is applied and we ensure that there are no creases or bubbles, the end result having an unmatched degree of colour shine and depth.

Looks like a paint job ...

With a vinyl wrap applied to your vehicle, you will get a complete change to the appearance and style of your car, as well as providing protection from stone chips and fading for your existing paintwork. Our vinyl wrapping is designed to look like just like paint and the effect is so convincing you wouldn't even notice it was there.

Benefits of a vinyl wrap ...

Having a vinyl wrap applied to your car is risk free and also provides many benefits not provided by simply repainting the car. But it is not simply a cosmetic change - a vinyl wrap has many practical advantages such as protection from stone chips and abrasions, as well as preserving the original factory paintwork of your car.

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